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European Confrontation Spoils Jason’s Summer Vacation

The following documents, sent to us by our brothers and sisters in Europe, depict a series of actions this summer centering on the contributions of noted U.S. physicists to the work of the Jason Division, the Institute for Defense Analysis' prime Pentagon advisory committee. At institutes and summer schools in France...

Occupational Health: Time for Us to Get to Work

Occupational health and job safety issues have yet to become "hot" topics with the left like community health clinics, air pollution, or poisons in food, but lately there have been stirrings of interest. The topic has been discussed a bit in Science for the People but I think that it's important that SESPA members do...

Hasten, Jason, Guard the Nation

We represent a  group from the academic community of New York City. We have been alarmed for some time with the strong and increasingly symbiotic relationship between our universities and the military complex. Recently we constituted a  group to attack this relationship and expose its often inhuman ends, ends which we...

Computer Course Bibliography

Second semester, Al taught a course on computer technology and its social and political implications. The students actually used a computer terminal and worked with it practically as well as theoretically. Here is his bibliography, which may be of help to some readers.

Grading: To Each According to Her/His Needs?

This past year I have been part of a  nine-member staff teaching a one year (three quarter) sequence in social science at the University of Chicago. About two hundred students registered for the course. They were divided up into sections of 25 each. The sections met for discussion three hours per week and all 200...

SESPA at Eastern Psychological Association Meeting

Although the Eastern Psychological Association's meetings at the end of April preceded the newest major escalation of the war in Southeast Asia, we had decided to concentrate our small forces around the war issue, despite other pressing psychological issues. Our focus was on generating debate around two anti-war...

Women’s Health Literature

Available at the Women's Liberation Center, 36 West 22 Street, New York, N.Y. 10010; for mail order, write to the address given for each item.

Our Bodies, Our Selves
from: New England Free Press
791 Tremont St.
Boston, Mass.
individual copies: $.30+$ .15 postage
bulk rate: $.30 down to $.20 depending on number

What Do Health Maintenance Organizations Maintain?

It is no secret that the United States lags behind more than a dozen countries in some of the most general indicators of the health of a population: in infant mortality, in life expectancy, in the mortality of mothers. Yet in 1969 some $63 billion were spent on health services, a larger sum than anywhere else in the...