The Health Group of the Women’s Center Needs

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The Health Group of the Women’s Center Needs

by The Editorial Collective

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 4, No. 4, July 1972, p. 23

The Health Group of the Women’s Center needs:

Hematocrit centrifuge




Examining table

File cabinet

Pregnancy test kits (Gravindex or Pregnosticon Dri-Drot)

Plastic vaginal speculums (500 to 600)

Lamps, specially gooseneck

Medical books, specially those dealing with women

Medical dictionary

Books on lab test procedures

PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)

Merck manual

Or any other thing related to women’s health

Money will also be welcome


Contact: Women’s Center, 46 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139; telephone: 617-354- 8807. Or send it:

c/o Joann Finklestein
69 River Street
Cambridge, Mass. 02139


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