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Resolutions for the AAA$

Three resolutions are being presented to the AAAS governing board to be voted upon at the annual meeting in Chicago on December 26th-30th. They were mailed to the committee on Council Affairs on November 23rd — one month in advance, as required to be put on their agenda. Last year, three similar resolutions were...

Important Notice: Political Action

Political action is being organized for the December meeting of the AAA$ to be held between Xmas and New Year's at the Conrad Hilton, Sheraton-Blackstone and Pick-Congress Hotels in Chicago.

Women Demand Equality in Science

It is important to note that sexual oppression is both pervasive and institutionalized; within the scientific community it takes many forms. Educational tracking by sex from elementary school on channels women into subordinate roles and stereotypes. While men are trained to develop 'logical' patterns of thought, women...