Important Notice: Political Action

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Important Notice: Political Action

by The Editorial Collective

Science for the People’ Vol. 2, No. 3, August 1970, p. 6

Political action is being organized for the December meeting of the AAA$ to be held between Xmas and New Year’s at the Conrad Hilton, Sheraton-Blackstone and Pick-Congress Hotels in Chicago.

*Chicago coordinating is in the hands of the

Science Organizing Committee (SOC) c/o Larry Lambert
Department of Physics Chicago University
5801 South Ellis Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637
(312) N07-4700

Proposals for actions, leaflets, guerrilla theatre, counter meetings, petitions, de-tours, etc. should be communicated to them as also should housing needs, local equipment needs (mimeo, projectors, etc.).

*Local groups should examine program of meeting (available on pages 1348-1353 of the September 25 issue of Science magazine — also see pages 101-103 of October 2 issue) and work up activities.

*December issue of Science for the People will be keyed to AAA$ meeting. Critical articles should be submitted soon to Science for the People, December Collective, Box 59, Arlington Heights 02175.

*A national Radical Scientists Meeting to plan political and social action and to exchange experiences is proposed for the last day of AAA$ conference. Send in your suggestions and proposals to SOC.

*Packets of demonstration material from last year’s AAA$ actions are available from Boston SESPA, AAA$ Action ’70 Collective, Box 59, Arlington Heights 02175.


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