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Science and THE MAN in the Americas

The AAAS is planning a Mexico City meeting, June 20-July 4, under the title "Science and Man in the Americas" This article will try to better explain the context of the meeting and show how "the man" (meaning the system, the ruling class, the bosses, etc.) will be using the occasion.

Technological Dependence: Patents and Transnational Corporations

The purpose of this analysis is to explore the relationship which the less developed countries (LDC) have with the United States, Europe, and Japan concerning technological dependence. This dependence, engendered by the patent system along with the sale and distribution of technology by transnational corporations...

Motivation or Manipulation: Management Practice and Ideology

There was but a sardonic humor in that appraisal of the work situation. Management's search for a solution to the alienation, boredom, and depersonalization of factory workers directed the course of a symposium entitled "The Corporation and the College as Social Engineers" which was staged at Emmanuel College, a...

Index to Science for the People

The following listing is a compilation of the first three year's issues of Science for the People. The articles cover Volumes 2-4, and have been categorized under the following subject headings: Critique of Establishment Science and Scientists

American Chemical Society Actions

Several centuries ago Newton postulated that a body at rest tends to stay at rest. The consequences of this postulate are distressing when applied to a body with the mass of the American Chemical Society (ACS). SESPA first experienced the inertia of the ACS in April, 1972, at the Boston national meeting (see SFP, Vol...

Engineering Unemployment: How to Lie with Statistics

The rate of unemployment among engineers concerns engineers themselves, the engineering colleges, industry and the government. If the rate is low and a passing affair, then no action is needed: the situation will correct itself in a short time. If the rate is high and persists over a period of years, then organized...

Future Issues

We are planning to put out an issue of the magazine devoted entirely to the energy problem. We hope to be able to do this by early 1974, and this is a call for people who might be willing to work on such an issue as well as those who may wish to contribute articles.

Controlling Aggressive Behavior (or Stopping War Research)

In March 1969, a demonstration against a Dow Chemical Corporation (napalm manufacturers) recruiter led to a demand for access to the university's research files in an effort to expose suspected direct involvement of the university with the military. A group of over 100 demonstrators entered the graduate school offices...

Technical Aid to Indochina

What is the role of technological aid to Third World liberation movements? What form of aid should progressive or radical groups advocate and support?

Environmental Colonialism

Puerto Rico's land and people have been increasingly threatened by industrial pollution from U.S. corporations which dominate their economy and inhabit their environment. To comprehend what is happening to the Puerto Rican environment, we must understand recent developments in the United States, beginning in 1946 with...