Science for Vietnam Report

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Science for Vietnam Report

by The Editorial Collective

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1972, p. 31

The November issue of Science for the People in the article Science for Vietnam, indicated topics where information would be useful to the Vietnamese. Topics included were cell and molecular biology, mathematical biology, population biology, warfare damage, herbicides, forestry, etc. Science for Vietnam, newsletter number 4, gives additional topics and needed information. Those interested in becoming involved with Science for Vietnam or who have needed information should contact Science for Vietnam, Biology Department, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60637

Groups in the following cities have begun working on Science for Vietnam:

Madison: A newsletter is being put out, and packet-gathering is in progress. Bibliography on rice diseases has been compiled.

St. Paul: Collecting books listed at the end of the request list. People can send those books, or any others on Indochina, to them. Meeting of SFVN held Saturday, October 9–45 to 40 people who were genuinely committed attended.

Evanston, Ill.: Work has begun looking into the use of strip farming using grass or legumes to fight erosion. People with information or interest contact Sarah Ludden and Dave Culver, Dept. of Biology, Northwestern University.

St. Louis: Getting together a packet on techniques of organic gardening that might be applicable to the Vietnamese. Also, subscriptions to Unasylva (FAO journal) and Tropical Abstracts are being forwarded to the Vietnamese.

Chicago: Packet on plastic pellet problem and some course bibliographies being sent. Collections of lab equipment, books, and cultural material mentioned in request list have begun. Experiment on effects of herbicides on soybeans in planning stage.


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