Books on War Crimes

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Books on War Crimes — A Very High Priority Request

by The Editorial Collective

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1972, p. 30

The DRVN Commission for the Investigation of U.S. War Crimes in Viet Nam urgently needs copies of the following books (of which it has knowledge but no access).

  1. Vietnam and Armageddon, R.F. Drinan SJ, N.Y. Sheed Ed.
  2. The Village of Ben Sue, J.Schell, N.Y. A.A. Knopf
  3. Why Are We Still In Vietnam?, S. Brown, N.Y. Random House
  4. Nuremberg and Vietnam: An American Tragedy, Telford Taylor
  5. One Morning in the War, Richard Hammer, Coward McCann
  6. In the Name of America, Seymour Melman, Richard Falk
  7. The Military Half, J. Schell, N.Y. A.A. Knopf
  8. Casualties of War, D.Lang, N.Y. McGraw Hill
  9. Chemical and Biological Weapons, S. Rose, Beacon Press
  10. Chemical Warfare, Maj. F.j. Brown, Princeton
  11. Crimes of War, R.A. Falk, N.Y. Random House
  12. Ecocide in Indochina, Barry Weisberg, N.Y. Canfield Press
  13. Efficiency in Death, The Council of Economic Priorities, N.Y.
  14. Militarism U.S.A., J.A. Donovan, N.Y. Scribner’s
  15. Revolutionary Non-Violence, D. Dellinger, N.Y. Bobbs-Merrill
  16. The Silent Weapons, R. Clarke, N.Y. David McKay
  17. The Social Responsibility of Scientists, M. Brown, N.Y. The Free Press
  18. The Ultimate Folly, R. McCarthy, N.Y. A.A. Knopf (published in the New York Review of Books)
  19. Some Notes on the War and White Ethnic Groups, Father Andrew Greeley, National Opinion Research
  20. American Opinion of the Vietnam War, James A. Davis, (Dartmouth College)
  21. In addition to the above books the commission requests copies of other books-regardless of political orientation-about the war and particularly about war crimes


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