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by Derek Shearer, Tom Strunk, & John Walsh

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 3, No. 3, July 1971, p. 28

Technology and Counterinsurgency

1. Police on the Homefront by NARMIC.

This is a new paperback on applications of Vietnam-type technology to police work in the United States. Articles in the book include a description of police training programs on American college campuses; an analysis of the new technology that is being made available to police for counteracting domestic insurgency; a report on the involvement of the Pentagon in domestic police work; and a comprehensive list of contracts for research and development of new methods and materials for stifling dissent in the country. Extremely important in that this report documents the laying down of the technological base for wide-scale repression.

Available for $1.35 from NARMIC (National Action/Research on the Military-Industrial Complex), 160 N. 15th St., Phila., Penna. 19102. NARMIC is a research group sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee.

2. Electronic Battlefield, Inc. by Chris Robinson.

Article describing the Pentagon’s development of the electronic battlefield. Utilizing sensor systems, computers, infrared and laser detection devices, the military hope to be able to fight Vietnam-type wars without involving American Troops. Companies involved include RCA, Westinghouse, Hughes, Honeywell, General Electric, Litton, Motorola, and ITT. A vital part of the Government’s strategy for counteracting revolutionary change in the Third World.

Copies available at 15 cents each, from NARMIC, 160 N. 15th St., Phila., Penna. 19102.

3. The University-Military-Police Complex by Mike Klare.
Detailed report on the interweaving of the Pentagon, the police, and America’s universities. Includes an excellent essay on the growth of the university-military research network and a list of contracts held by various universities with the Pentagon and the police establishment.

Copies available for $1.25 from NACLA East, box 57, Cathedral Station, New York, N.Y. 10026 or NACLA West, Box 226, Berkeley, Calif. 94701. NACLA is a movement research group.