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Report of the 16th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting

At the 16th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in Toronto, Canada, February 24-27, attended by some 1200 scientists in the area of biophysics, biochemistry, biology and medically related disciplines, one of the special symposia of major significance was that on the Social Responsibility of Scientists.

Mathematics in China and Vietnam — What Can We Learn? 

Though the phrasing varies, these simple principles are constantly referred to by the Vietnamese and Chinese — not just in explaining to the foreigner but also in conducting their own affairs. Notice there are no slogans "Protect academic freedom" or "let students make the decisions which affect their own lives": the...

People’s Peace Treaty

The People's Peace Treaty is a national program to end the war in Southeast Asia. By firmly dissociating themselves from the aggression against the Vietnamese, and working to impede the U.S. government's warmaking efforts, opponents of the war in all sectors of American society can for once focus their energies on a...

Herbicide or Genocide: Which Cide Are They On?

The destruction and distortion of all forms of life as a result of deliberate policies of the U.S. government were genially discussed by six panelists at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on December 29, in Chicago.

Statistics for the People

Did you know that:

..... one $500,000,000 aircraft carrier equals 340 elementary schools.

..... one soldier on the front in Vietnam costs $90,000. That equals eleven teachers' annual salaries.

Science for Vietnam Report

The November issue of Science for the People in the article Science for Vietnam, indicated topics where information would be useful to the Vietnamese. Topics included were cell and molecular biology, mathematical biology, population biology, warfare damage, herbicides, forestry, etc. Science for Vietnam, newsletter...

Books on War Crimes

The DRVN Commission for the Investigation of U.S. War Crimes in Viet Nam urgently needs copies of the following books (of which it has knowledge but no access).

Biological Science in China

Last May, Arthur Galston and I spent two weeks in the Peoples Republic of China, visiting various scientific establishments, talking with Chinese scientists and seeing the country in general. We obtained visas to visit China at the Chinese embassy in Hanoi, where we had gone to exchange information with North...

Repression Hits the Liberal Fan

A note from Washington University in Saint Louis tells of the case of David Colfax. Judged according to the only standard that matters, his practice, David has been a tireless worker in the building of radical action and consciousness. In 1967, he initiated the campaign to have the American Sociological Association...

Science for Vietnam

In May of this year, Science for Vietnam conferences were held in Berkeley, Madison, Chicago and Boston. These meetings laid the foundation of projects to technically assist Third-World countries. During the summer, the Chicago group published a Science for Vietnam Newsletter and accepted the responsibility for...