Statistics for the People

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Statistics for the People

Courtesy of Loc. 1990, AFT

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 3, No. 5, November 1971, p. 14

Did you know that:

….. one $500,000,000 aircraft carrier equals 340 elementary schools.

….. one soldier on the front in Vietnam costs $90,000. That equals eleven teachers’ annual salaries.

…..fuel for one jet for one hour equals two and a half months of food for a family of four.

….. the $28 billion spent annually on the Indo-China war equals 1,120,550 houses (at $25,000 each).

….. Health Education & Welfare’s Facilities Design budget for 1970 is about $9,000,000. This equals 3 hours of the Indo-China war.

… costs the U.S. about $500,000 to kill each Viet Cong soldier. This equals the funds the federal government provides for the support of every 3,400 people in our schools and universities.

….. federal funding for environmental systems research, design, and development on air pollution, water pollution, thermal pollution, etc. is roughly $200,000,000. This equals 3 days of the Indo-China war.

….. high speed ground inter-urban transportation systems research, design, and development funding for fiscal 1970 is estimated at $13,000,000. This equals about 4 hours of the war.

….. funding for intra-urban systems is estimated at $60,000,000 for fiscal year 1970. This equals less than one day’s fighting in the war.

Statistics courtesy of Loc. 1990, AFT

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