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Biomedical Research, Politics and Health Policy

In the thirty years from 1945 to the present, federal support for biomedical research has increased over 1000-fold to its current 1.7 billion dollar level. This increase in federal support for biomedical research has not been accompanied by a corresponding increase in federal support for health care. In fact, as shown...

In the Land Where Coca Cola Is Queen

This article criticizes Fredrick Stare's book: "Panic in the Pantry" which is a defense of the food industry, along with his motives. It then discusses the AAAS' role in food production/advertising and proposes a better alternative.

Scholars for Dollar$: The Business-Government-University Consulting Network

This essay is reproduced here as it appeared in the print edition of the original Science for the People magazine. These web-formatted archives are preserved complete with typographical errors and available for reference and educational and activist use. Scanned PDFs of the back issues can be browsed by headline at...