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A Reading List on Biological Determinism

1. The Rise of Social Darwinism

Hofstadter, Social Darwinism in American Thought. Boston: Beacon Press, 1955. 

Zmarzlik, "Social Darwinism in Germany, Seen as an Historical Problem," Chap. 10 in Republic to Reich: The Making of the Nazi Revolution, (ed.) H. Holborn, Vintage Books; 1973, pp. 435-474.


This is a new paperback on applications of Vietnam-type technology to police work in the United States. Articles in the book include a description of police training programs on American college campuses; an analysis of the new technology that is being made available to police for counteracting domestic insurgency; a...

More Readings

Two excellent articles have come to our attention since the last issue: 1) Michael Reich and David Finkelhor, "Capitalism and the Military-Industrial Complex: The Obstacles to Conversion" in URPE Review, Vol.IV, No.2, Fall 1970, quarterly publication of the Union of Radical Political Economists. This article...