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Peoples Science Projects for Vietnam

Science for the People activists in Chicago and racical faculty in the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago have begun a long-range effort to provide technical assistance to the people of Vietnam. A variety of projects are underway at this time, all of which were requested of scientific workers...

Science for Vietnam Conference

These conferences were held to build the Science for Vietnam Project initiated by the Chicago Peoples Science Collective shortly after Dick Levins returned from a visit to Hanoi. Of course the success of these conferences depends on what happens now that they are over. Hopefully an increasing number of people will...

SESPA Member Persecuted for Anti-War Work

SESPA/Science for the People is proud that among those whose effectiveness in the antiwar movement was commended by the frame-up indictments for allegedly plotting to kidnap Henry Kissinger and blow up government buildings is William Davidon of Haverford College, Pa. Bill, a courageous anti-war activist and member of...

Actions at Professional Society Meetings

Plan and participate in actions at the following meetings:
***  National Science Teachers' Association
Washington, D.C. March 28
Contact: George Hein(617) 969-6527

Actions at NSTA

The educational system is one of the most important means by which the power of the ruling class in this country is maintained. This process can be seen very clearly in science education. (For a more detailed statement of this position and some of the reasoning behind it, see the excerpts of our pamphlet printed in...