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Occupational Health: Time for Us to Get to Work

Occupational health and job safety issues have yet to become "hot" topics with the left like community health clinics, air pollution, or poisons in food, but lately there have been stirrings of interest. The topic has been discussed a bit in Science for the People but I think that it's important that SESPA members do...

Women’s Health Literature

Available at the Women's Liberation Center, 36 West 22 Street, New York, N.Y. 10010; for mail order, write to the address given for each item.

Our Bodies, Our Selves
from: New England Free Press
791 Tremont St.
Boston, Mass.
individual copies: $.30+$ .15 postage
bulk rate: $.30 down to $.20 depending on number

What Do Health Maintenance Organizations Maintain?

It is no secret that the United States lags behind more than a dozen countries in some of the most general indicators of the health of a population: in infant mortality, in life expectancy, in the mortality of mothers. Yet in 1969 some $63 billion were spent on health services, a larger sum than anywhere else in the...

Health Bibliography

A bibliography on the Politics of Health Care was published in March, I972 by the New England Free Press, 791 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass., 02118 (617) 536-9219. The bibliography is built around radical analyses of many aspects of health care; it contains over 350 annotated entries (24 pages).

Cancer: A Social & Political Problem

Cancer, like many other health problems results in large measure from the environmental and social conditions in which people live. Its solution requires social change, not merely the great American know-how that is advertised as the cure to all our problems. People will have to get together and use their political...

Using Pregnancy Tests in Hiring Discrimination Against Women

One of the films that Steve gave me was called "Pregnancy testing in the 70's". It was a panel discussion between six members of the medical profession. The trend of the discussion was how important routine early pregnancy tests are, since women could go into X-ray therapy, for instance, unaware of their pregnancy...

Our Bodies, Our Selves: A Review

The oppressive set of myths that make up a large part of this ideology can survive only so long as women remain ignorant of their physiology, of the commonness of their psychological suffering, and of the role that the ideology itself plays in influencing them to accept their oppression (indeed in often preventing...

Industrial Health and the Chemical Worker

When reaching for a fresh bottle of chemicals on the laboratory shelf, how often do we as chemists think about how the chemicals got there? Who actually made the chemicals? Who put them in the bottle? When we open the bottle and place it under a ventilating hood to avoid breathing the fumes, do we ever ask ourselves...

Food Additives or 1 + 1 + 1…Makes Money

Food is the single largest retail industry in the U.S., doing over $125 billion business in sales anually. It is a messy industry, using between 50 and 80% of all packaging materials. It is also an international industry, marketing the products of U.S. knowhow throughout the Third World.

People’s Health Movement

The People's Health Movement (PHM) is an organization of welfare recipients, industrial workers, professionals, health workers and students. It has a membership of 300 people. It was started in February, 1971 when residents from many of Cincinnati's communities came together and expressed grave concern over the...