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Teaching Science for Humane Survival: Basic Skills and More

Science for Humane Survival is in its eighth consecutive year at the University of Massachusetts' Boston Campus. Controversial from the start, it continues to trigger allergic reactions from various sensitized faculty members whenever it comes up for consideration at one or another college governance meetings...

Computer Course Bibliography

Second semester, Al taught a course on computer technology and its social and political implications. The students actually used a computer terminal and worked with it practically as well as theoretically. Here is his bibliography, which may be of help to some readers.

Action and Reaction: Teaching Physics in Context

The course began with an analysis of the institutional and conceptual foundation of physics today. In fact, since Al's first lecture came the day after the Attica massacre, it was devoted to how science and technology in this society provide methods for repression, control and murder. It was magnificently received.

A Preliminary Critique of the Project Physics Course

The Boston Area SESPA Science Teaching Group has been analyzing the Project Physics Course material. They have selected this particular curriculum because it, more than any other, attempts to deal with the social and cultural aspects of physics. To date most of the work has been done analyzing Unit 3: The Triumph of...