SftP and AAA$, 1976

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SftP and AAA$, 1976

by Unknown

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 8, No. 1, January 1976, p. 32

• Priorities in Cancer Research: Occupational and Environmental Carcinogenesis.
—The politics behind cancer spending.
Feb. 20. 3 pm. Sheraton/Beacon A.
Arranged by Allen E. Silverstone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Cancer Research).

• Research for the People
—What is it? Can it be done?
Feb. 21. 9 am. Hynes/Rm 207.
Arranged by Jonathan King (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

• Are Scientists Different? The Job Crisis in Perspective
-How can scientists organize to deal with unemployment?
Feb 21. 2 pm. Sheraton/Independence-East.
Arranged by Joseph Schwartz (City University of New York) 

• An Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety
—Who will protect the worker?
Feb. 22. 9 am. Hynes/Rm 210.
Arranged by Kostia Bergman (Northeastern University).

• Genetics, Gene Manipulation and Social Policy
—Who will make the decisions about our destiny?
Feb. 22. 3 pm. Sheraton/Commonwealth
Arranged by Jon Beckwith (Harvard Medical School).

• Energy and Food Production: Contemporary Technology and Alternatives

—Politics of Food/Energy decisions.
Feb. 23. 9 am-6 pm. Sheraton/Fairfax B.
Arranged by George Salzman (University of Massachusetts).

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