Subscriptions to Science for the People and Membership in SESPA

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Subscriptions to Science for the People and Membership in SESPA

by the Editorial Collective

Science for the People’ Vol. 2, No. 3, August 1970, p. 3

SESPA is defined by its activities. People who participate in the (mostly local) activities consider themselves members. Of course, there are people who through a variety of circumstances are not in a position to be active but who would like to maintain contact. They also consider themselves members.

The magazine keeps us all in touch. It encourages people who may be isolated, presents examples of activities that are useful to local groups, brings issues and information to the attention of the readers, presents analytical articles and offers a forum for discussion. Hence it is a vital activity of SESPA. It is also the only regular national activity.

We need to know who the members are in order to continue to send SCIENCE FOR THE PEOPLE to them. Please supply the following information:

  1.  I am a member
    (if student or unemployed please indicate)If you are working, do you work in industry [   ], government [ ], university [ ], other __________
  1.  Local SESPA chapter or other group in which I’m active:
  2.  I am enclosing money according to the following scheme: (a) regular membership — $10, (b) indigent membership — less than $10, (c) affluent or sacrifice membership — more than $10, (d) completely impoverished — nothing
  3. I will sell ____ magazines. This can be done on consignment to bookstores and newsstands, to your colleagues, at meetings. (If you want to give some away free because you are organizing and you can’t pay for them let us know)

Please add any comments on the magazine or SESPA or your own circumstances. We welcome criticism, advice, and we’d like to get to know you.

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