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The Amsterdam Science Shop: Doing Science for the People

The "magical year" 1968 initiated a trend in Holland toward democratization, especially within the university. One of the results of the student movement that brought about many such changes at the university was the Science Shop, whose development we wish to describe in this article. 

Social Science Research: A Tool of Counterinsurgency

Today, there would be little research in U.S. universities without federal support. But this was not always so. It started small, in the last decades of the last century, when the process of adapting a social-control strategy from the United States’ then-imperial rival, Germany, was begun here.

Herrnstein Buffs Rebuff Herrnstein’s Ideological Bluff

Each year, sandwiched between Christmas and New Year's days, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) holds its annual meeting in a major American city, with its headquarters in a towering hotel of a major American hotel chain. Invariably, not very far away is a major American ghetto, and of...