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Anti-Nuke Resource List

For an updated list of organizations, write to the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Groundswell Monthly Newsletter, 1536 16th St., N.W., Wash., D.C. 20036.

Computer Course Bibliography

Second semester, Al taught a course on computer technology and its social and political implications. The students actually used a computer terminal and worked with it practically as well as theoretically. Here is his bibliography, which may be of help to some readers.

Grading: To Each According to Her/His Needs?

This past year I have been part of a  nine-member staff teaching a one year (three quarter) sequence in social science at the University of Chicago. About two hundred students registered for the course. They were divided up into sections of 25 each. The sections met for discussion three hours per week and all 200...

Health Bibliography

A bibliography on the Politics of Health Care was published in March, I972 by the New England Free Press, 791 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass., 02118 (617) 536-9219. The bibliography is built around radical analyses of many aspects of health care; it contains over 350 annotated entries (24 pages).