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Science Teaching Column: Inside Prison Walls

Two of the major goals of the course were to develop the intellectual confidence of the inmates and to enhance their abilities of collectively understanding and solving their problems. Group oral reports and attempts to draw out collective solutions in discussion were methods used to accomplish these goals. The group...

Solitary Is an Old Story

While the techniques and terminology of behavior modification present a flashy mix of space age technology and verbiage, the basic ideas have been prevalent in America for many years. And the overriding contradiction of behavior modification, between the social cause of "antisocial" behavior and the correction of...

Prisoner’s Verdict: The Prisons Are the Crime

There is presently for prisoners throughout the U.S., both state and federal, a new kind of warfare and dehumanization. For prisoners it is a present terror, for those on the outside it is a threat. 

Genocide of the Mind

This paper has been an attempt to clarify some of the contradictions of the techniques now in use to modify and control behavior. Coupled with the brutality and the totalitarian nature of these methods is the destruction that they cause to the individual.

Report of the 16th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting

At the 16th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in Toronto, Canada, February 24-27, attended by some 1200 scientists in the area of biophysics, biochemistry, biology and medically related disciplines, one of the special symposia of major significance was that on the Social Responsibility of Scientists.

Black Revolutionary Scientific Worker Jailed Without Bail

In December, following a four-month effort, Computer People for Peace (CPP) succeeded in raising $50,000 bail for Clark Squire, computer programmer and co-defendant in the New York Panther conspiracy trial. When the New York-based group (see Science for the People, Vol.II, No.2, August 1970, p.17) presented the money...