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SESPA Activist Wins Court Case

The Alameda County Superior Court ruled that Charlie Schwartz (a founder of SESPA) had been removed from his job at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory because of his political activities; this was a violation of his Constitutional rights and therefore he must be reinstated and compensated for lost income. The action was...

Occupational Health: Time for Us to Get to Work

Occupational health and job safety issues have yet to become "hot" topics with the left like community health clinics, air pollution, or poisons in food, but lately there have been stirrings of interest. The topic has been discussed a bit in Science for the People but I think that it's important that SESPA members do...

Important Notice: Political Action

Political action is being organized for the December meeting of the AAA$ to be held between Xmas and New Year's at the Conrad Hilton, Sheraton-Blackstone and Pick-Congress Hotels in Chicago.