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Danger: Women’s Work

...it is time that women stop being viewed primarily in terms of their childbearing capabilities. It is time that women's occupational health, not simply pregnant women's health, be studied and dealt with.

Textbook Sexism: Sexism in College Biology

Among almost 207,500 science and engineering Ph.D.s in this country, 93.4 percent are white and 92.1 percent are male. In the biological sciences, women hold approximately 11 percent of the doctorates. This has a profound effect on science and on what we perceive as the truth about ourselves as male or female human...

Nonverbal Communication and the Social Control of Women

If women are to understand power, on both the macropolitical level and the micropolitical one which underlies and maintains it, we must learn more about nonverbal communication. For every major decision in Washington or on Wall Street that determines whether and how much sugar and oil we have and what information we...

Women’s Work in Vietnam

Women's participation has been essential to reconstruction efforts after the Viet Nam War, during which they have made enormous strides towards their own liberation.