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Social Science Research: A Tool of Counterinsurgency

Today, there would be little research in U.S. universities without federal support. But this was not always so. It started small, in the last decades of the last century, when the process of adapting a social-control strategy from the United States’ then-imperial rival, Germany, was begun here.

Controlling Aggressive Behavior (or Stopping War Research)

In March 1969, a demonstration against a Dow Chemical Corporation (napalm manufacturers) recruiter led to a demand for access to the university's research files in an effort to expose suspected direct involvement of the university with the military. A group of over 100 demonstrators entered the graduate school offices...

Important Information for People Investigating War Research

In accordance with recent legislation, Department of Defense (DOD) descriptions of all DOD funded research are available as a matter of public record. The DOD descriptions are written by a DOD project manager and are often more revealing than the investigator's own abstract of his research project. These descriptions...