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Current Opinion: The Arms Race vs. Why Disarmament Now?

The two current opinions presented here express divergent views from the Disarmament/Energy Group of Boston Science for the People. It is hoped they will provoke a debate on the need and potential for a disarmament movement today and on the choice of strategy and focus for such a movement.

Controlling Aggressive Behavior (or Stopping War Research)

In March 1969, a demonstration against a Dow Chemical Corporation (napalm manufacturers) recruiter led to a demand for access to the university's research files in an effort to expose suspected direct involvement of the university with the military. A group of over 100 demonstrators entered the graduate school offices...

Hasten, Jason, Guard the Nation

We represent a  group from the academic community of New York City. We have been alarmed for some time with the strong and increasingly symbiotic relationship between our universities and the military complex. Recently we constituted a  group to attack this relationship and expose its often inhuman ends, ends which we...