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SESPA Member Persecuted for Anti-War Work

SESPA/Science for the People is proud that among those whose effectiveness in the antiwar movement was commended by the frame-up indictments for allegedly plotting to kidnap Henry Kissinger and blow up government buildings is William Davidon of Haverford College, Pa. Bill, a courageous anti-war activist and member of...

Actions at Professional Society Meetings

Plan and participate in actions at the following meetings:
***  National Science Teachers' Association
Washington, D.C. March 28
Contact: George Hein(617) 969-6527

About This Issue

The AAA$ meetings have come and gone. They received front-page coverage—usually with photos—in the establishment press largely because of our actions. The second-rate scientific talks and panel discussions-admitted to be second-rate even by AAA$ organizers-certainly were nothing to write home about. But witches...