About This Issue


by The Editorial Collective

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 3, No. 1, February 1971, p. 2 – 3

The AAA$ meetings have come and gone. They received front-page coverageusually with photosin the establishment press largely because of our actions. The second-rate scientific talks and panel discussions-admitted to be second-rate even by AAA$ organizers-certainly were nothing to write home about. But witches, stabbings and indictments were. So Science for the People received much mention, but statements of our purpose and the critical analysis which we presented was almost systematically left out, We are, of course, not surprised. That’s objective journalism in the service of profit.

But many of you, members and readers, may be appalled at the caricature of Science for the People portrayed in the press. Therefore, we are devoting a major part of this issue to describing and analyzing the events and reprinting what we communicated to the AAA$ audiences.

Since each issue is put out by a different collective, we don’t know what is going to be in the April issue. But there are working groups on radical ecology, the teaching of science, income distribution among scientific workers, people’s science as a strategic concept, organizing of scientific workers in St.Louis. We expect reports on actions at the American Physical Society and National Science Teachers’ Association meetings. There are also papers and communications that we have already received and we would like to encourage all of our readers to submit more materials.

EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE: Alphabet, Britta Fischer, Baz Gris, Jim Moore, Penelope, John Walsh.

CONTRIBUTORS: David Kotelchuck, Stuart Newman, Chicago NUC People’s Science Collective, Herb Fox, Jane Contreas, The Boston Travellers.

ERRATUM: We apologize for having accidently omitted Al Weinrub’s initials and for other typographical errors in “A History of the AAA$” in Science for the People, Vol. II, No.2, Dec. 1970.


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