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Back Issues Available

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 8, No. 6, November/December 1976, p. 29–30

Vol. VII, No.1 — January 1975
Oiling the Profit-Making Machinery: Structural and Immediate Causes of the Energy Crisis
XYY Research: Report on Actions to Stop It.
Bombast in Bucharest: Report on the World Population Conference
Soyabeans in India?Scientific Innovation Fails to Help the People

Vol. VII, No. 2 — March 1975: Special Issue on Food, Nutrition & Agribusiness
Sterilization in the U.S.
Concentration of Power in the Food Business
Economics of Hunger in the Third World
Weather Modification as a Weapon of Imperialism
The decline in nutritional value of food in America.
An Analysis of the Boston Busing Crisis.

Vol. VII, No. 3 — May 1975
Nurse’s Strike in San Francisco: Problems of Professionalism
The Limits to Capitalist Growth: Critique of the Club of Rome
Science and Technology in Brazil: Importing the Capitalist Model
Book Review: The Energy Crisis and the Real Crisis Behind It
Corporate Connections of Notable Scientists

Vol. VII, No. 4 — July 1975
The Common Enemy: An Analysis of the Nature of Economic Imperialism
Ethical Discussions of Population Control: Masking Underlying Political Issues.
Review of Schumacher’s Small Is Beautiful
Women’s Work in Vietnam
XYY Research: Report on the Fight to Stop It Nutrition and Brain Development

Vol. VII, No.5 — September 1975: Special Issue on Occupational Health & Safety
Asbestos: Producers Buy the Research on Safety Hazards
Who Are the OSHA Inspectors?
Women and Occupational Health Reports from Worker-Oriented Health and Safety Projects: New Haven, St. Louis, San Francisco
Hazards at Vinylex

Vo. VII, No. 6 — November 1975
The New Robots: Displacing the Worker
The Distortion of the Dairy Industry
Report on the Moscow Conference of Scientific Workers Science for Vietnam: What We Can Do.
A People’s Test for Carcinogenic Agents
Report from the Science Teaching Group
Review of E.O. Wilson’s Sociobiology

Vol. VIII, No.1 — January 1976
Scholars for Dollars: The Business-Government-University Consulting Networks
Technical Workers Organize in Silicon Valley
Report on the Ann Arbor Conference on Biological Determinism
Critique of Hardin’s Lifeboat Ethics
Discontent Stalks the National Labs at Argonne, Oak Ridge

Vol. VIII, No. 2 — March 1976
Sociobiology: Tool for Social Oppression
Gene Implantation: Hazards of Genetic Engineering
In the Land Where Coca Cola is Queen: US as Nutritional Wasteland
Agribusiness: Feeding Profit Rather than People
The Structure of American Health Care Biomedical Research, Politics and Health Policy
Women in Science: Second-Class Citizenship
Science & Technology in the Third World
Review of Research and Revolution — Science, Policy and Societal Change in China
Social Science Research: A Tool of Counterinsurgency

Vol VIII, No. 3 — May 1976
Nuclear Power: Who Needs It?
Report on Conference of Mass. Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health
Politics of Scientific Conceptualization
Review of SftP AAAS Activities
Review of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Vol. VIII, No.4 — July 1976
The Cancer-Producing Society: Avoiding the Environmental Causes Male Contraception
Non-Verbal Communication & the Social Control of Women
Racism at Harvard Med: Professor Assails University Admissions
Report on a National Conference on Jobs & the Environment

Vol. VIII, No. 5 — Special Issue on Alternative Technology
Alternative Technology: Is Less More?
Alternative Technology: Possibilities and Limitations
Alternative Technology: Not A Revolutionary Strategy
Sexist Practices and Other Distortions of Priorities in Cancer Reaserch
A Reply to “Nuclear Power: Who Needs It? ”
Women & Health: A Review of the Literature
A Review of Ann Sayre’s Rosalind Franklin and DNA

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