Spring Action Calendar

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Spring Action Calendar

by The Editorial Collective

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 3, No. 2, May 1971, p. 30

April 19-23: Protests in Washington by 5000 veterans of the Vietnam war, sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Relatives of war dead and relatives of prisoners of war are invited to join in a march and ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. Other activities inclued a war crimes tribunal on the Capitol steps, a 24-hour vigil and a ceremonial returning of medals.

**April 19-23: Actions at Acoustical Society of America, Statler Hilton, Washington, D.C. Help sell Science for the People. Contact: Boston or Washington chapter or call (617) 491-1850 ext. 305.

April 24: Mamouth assembly near the White House and march on the Capitol to focus on the demand for immediate withdrawal. A parallel action on the west coast will be held in San Francisco. Sponsored by National Peace Action Coalition (NPAC), Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice (PCPJ), and entire anti-war movement. PCPJ will also present demands for a $5500 minimum income for a family of four and the freeing of all political prisoners.

**April 26-29: Actions at American Physical Society Sheraton Park, Washington, D.C. Meet at the Science for the People table.

April 26-30: Mass lobbying of all government institutions related to militarism and social welfare, along with nonviolent direct action organized by PCPJ.

May 1: May Day march through New York’s working class sections. 11:30 AM at 110th & Broadway, organized by Progressive Labor Party.

May 1: Youth festival in Washington and mass rally to present the Peoples Peace Treaty to the government called by the Ann Arbor Student and Youth Conference. Local and regional support actions.

May 2: Mass inspirational rally to prepare for intensified mass civil disobedience, called by the PCPJ.

May 3-4: Intensified civil disobedience and disruption in Washington.

May 5: National moratorium in all cities and campuses, called by NPAC, PCPJ, and SMC, commemorating the Cambodian invasion and the slaying of the Kent and Jackson State students.

**May 14: Science for Vietnam—scientific conferences to work on technical problems faced by the Vietnamese [see announcement on this page].

May 16: Solidarity Day with the GI movement, with actions in support of protests by Gis on Armed Forces Day at military bases atound the country.

** May 18-20: Actions at Spring Joint Computer Conference, Convention Hall, Atlantic City, N.J. Contact: Paul (212) 675-8490. Organized by Computer People for Peace, cosponsored by SESPA/Science for the People and others. 30,000 attendance expected [see announcement on this page] .

**June 13-17: Actions at American Nuclear Society in Boston. Contact: Al (617) 495-2497.

** SESPA/Science for the People activities



[See “Peoples Science Projects for Vietnam” p.25 and “Help for Science Education in Cuba and Vietnam” p.28]

Here is the tentative agenda for the University of Chicago Program:

Talks—Peoples Peace Treaty, Role of U.S. Science, Science for Vietnam, Impact of U.S. Science on Vietnam.

Workshops—Problems of reconstruction, Medical Problems, Scientific Development, Exposes of Local War and Counterinsurgency Research, Counterinsurgency Gadgetry.

Militant Action—Demonstration at a local war research center.

Fun—Party, Dance, Fund Raising.

For further information contact: Larry Lambert, Box 89, Ryerson Lab., 1100 E. 58th St., Chicago 60637, or Len Radinsky, Anatomy Dept., University of Chicago, Chicago 60637.


In a mass, multi-based series of actions, meetings, and demonstrations at the Spring Joint Computer
Conference (SJCC), Convention Hall, Atlantic City May 18-20

SJCC is an annual trade show technical conference public relations gimmick sales event which brings
together representatives of major corporations (IBM, GE, Honeywell, RCA, Litton, AT&T, etc.), high level military and government officials, and the technocratic elite that serves their interests.

AMONG THE ISSUES: Use of computer-based information systems as a means of social control, corporate racism such as IBM in South Africa, misuse of computers vs constructive potential, role of automation in rising level of unemployment.

For further information contact: Paul Millstein (212) 675-8490

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