Insurgent Press Grows Among Scientists and Engineers

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Insurgent Press Grows Among Scientists and Engineers

by The Editorial Collective

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 3, No. 2, May 1971, p. 22

The following are a few of the publications we have received that are indicative of the growing social awareness among scientists and engineers and the failure of the professional societies and journals to provide a forum for the expression of technical workers’ concerns about the social and political aspects of their work.

TASC Newsletter

Box 952, Palo Alto, California 94302

TASC (Technology and Society Committee) was formed by persons concerned about the uses and misuses of technology. In addition to weekly luncheon discussions, TASC sponsors symposia, workshops, films, and retraining and employment programs all focusing on redirecting the activities of science and engineering towards more humane goals. (membership and subscription $10, subscription alone $4)

MAG Newsletter

Alan McConnell (temporary editor), Dept. of Math., Univ. of Ill. (Chicago), Chicago, Illinois 60680

MAG is a group of mathematicians who are working to make the American Mathematical Society (AMS), and the mathematical community in general, a little more responsible, a little more in touch with the real world. The Newsletter reports activities at mathematical meetings and discusses various strategies of action.


c/o CCP, Dolphin Center, 137 W14th St. NYC 10011

Interrupt, the newsletter of Computer People for Peace (CPP) is full of lively, right-on articles on computer related topics. It also keeps the membership informed of CPP actions and provides a forum for readers to communicate their ideas. CPP is organized around action committees such as People’s Peace Treaty, Political Theory, Clark Squire, and Spring Joint [Computer Conference]. It has local chapters in over ten cities. (membership and subscription $10)

The Brookhaven Free Press

Box 395, Upton, N.Y. 11973

The Free Press is an underground newspaper put out by a group of employees on a voluntary basis, is distributed free of charge to all Brookhaven workers, and is supported by contributions. It serves as a forum of opinion for all laboratory personnel. (mailed subscriptions $1 for 3 issues)

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