Statistics for the People

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Statistics for the People

by The Editorial Collective

Science for the People’ Vol. 2, No. 4, December 1970, p. 36

Did you know that:

…..It is estimated that one million illegal abortions are performed in the U.S. each year, as compared with 10,000 hospital abortions?

(R.E. Hall, M.D., President of the Association for the Study of Abortion and Professor at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons)

… New York City, no less than 43% of deaths counted as ‘maternal mortality’ are due to complications of criminal abortion?

(same source as above)

…..according to the U.S. Department of Disease Brain-washing and Charity (H.E.W.) and the 1966 population yearbook of the U.N., this country ranks 16th in the world for infant mortality, 12th for female life expectancy and 21st for male life expectancy?

… 1968 the A.M.A. political action committee (A.M.P.A.C.) doled out an estimated 2.6 million dollars in political contributions to candidates who mirrored its conservative views?

(Time, Feb. 21, 1969)
Either M.D.s are stingy, or congressmen are cheap and sick old men.

… 1968, drug companies spent over ¾ of a billion dollars exclusively for the nation’s 200,000 prescribing M.D.s. That means that $4,500 per physician per year were spent in promoting and advertising drugs.

(Prescription Task Force of H.E.W.)

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