Computer Professionals for Peace

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Computer Professionals for Peace

by John Dove

Science for the People’ Vol. 2, No. 2, August 1970, p. 17

Computer Professionals for Peace is a national organization of workers in the computer field. Local groups meet in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Initially the group formed in opposition to the war in Vietnam. Presently we concern ourselves with many other issues related to the computer industry: racism and male chauvinism, mystification of computers, accreditation of computer schools, the mystique of “professionalism” in the computer industry, national data bases, computerized warfare and counterinsurgency systems and labor organizing.

Boston CPP has been meeting regularly since last March and has now about 25 active members. In addition to general meetings we have four committees which meet as often as they need to. These committees are:

Analysis / Education Committee

Currently working on two projects: (1) research into the use of computers in war and counterinsurgency (2) planning a conference on the general topic of the technologist and social responsibility.

Services Committee

Looking for other groups in the movement that need computer services for processing, mailing lists, etc.

Action Committee

Working on demonstrations against companies with large war contracts, notably Honeywell, the producer of anti-personnel bombs.

Labor Committee

Building support for five programmers at Codon in Waltham, Mass. They won a settlement before the National Labor Relations Board because Codon had fired these programmers unfairly when they attempted to organize themselves for collective bargaining. The Labor Committee is now working on establishing worker study groups in several companies in the Boston area.

People interested further in Computer Professionals for Peace should contact John Dove, 67 Mount Vernon street, Cambridge, Mass. 02140. Telephone No. 491 1812 or 891 6250


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