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by the Editorial Collective

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 2, No. 2, August 1970, p. 2

Vol. II, No. 2 of SESPA Newsletter has taken a new form and a new title for what would have been the eighth issue of SESPA Newsletter. Science for the People, the primary slogan of the Dec. ’69 AAA$ action and Boston SESPA’s alternate name is now also the title of our newsmagazine. In its new format and with increased opportunity for articles having depth and substantial analytical content, Science for the People now becomes a bi-monthly, scheduled to be issued the second week of the even-numbered months.

SESPA Newsletter does not necessarily cease to have an existence independent of Science for the People. We hope that it can continue to serve as a mimeographed topical newsletter that keeps the various chapters of Scientists and Engineers for Social and Political Action mutually informed. Starting in 1971 editorial offices for SESPA Newsletter will be back at the West Coast, Box 3704 Stanford, Calif. 94305. Science for the People will continue to be on the East Coast, Box 59, Arlington Heights, Mass. 02175.

Material for Science for the People should be received (double-spaced typewritten, please!) by the third Monday of the odd-numbered months in order to be considered for the forthcoming issue.

Finally note that Science for the People has a price of 50 cents. This price applies to nonmembers of SESPA. We encourage you to submit bulk orders for local sales at least three weeks in advance. We hope the cost can be kept to 50 cents an issue; but this will depend on how effective local people are in obtaining wide distribution and sales.

We hope you like the new form; mostly we hope you will support us by submitting articles.

EDITORIAL BOARD: Rita Arditti, Larry Beeferman, Mike Fein, Britta Fischer, Herb Fox, & Paolo Strigini

CONTRIBUTORS: John Dove, Ginger Goldner, Bill Haseltine, Frank Mirer, Charlie Schwartz, & Al Weinrub

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