Vol. 17, No. 1 & 2 (January & March 1985)

January/February & March/April 1985.

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The Chips are Falling: Health hazards in the microelectronics industry

ET Go Home: The revolution in not-so-conventional weapons

The Definitive Guide to High Tech: How to floppy to that disko beat

The Strategic Computer Initiative: The military’s double-edged sword

Computers in Uniform – A good fit?

Control Data and Apartheid: PLATOnic control of South Africa’s Blacks

Whose Computer Is It Anyway? Schools embrace computers without knowing why

Taking Control of Educational Technology: How to use computers productively and progressively

Computers in the Classroom: Social stratifiers or liberating equalizers?

Reviews: Technostress:  TheHuman Cost of the Computer Revolution  and  The Rise of the Computer State