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Our Issues Never Grow Old: Back Issues Available

‘Science for the People’ Vol. 10, No. 4, July/August 1978, p. 37–38

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May/June 1978 Vol. 10 No.3
The False Promise: Professionalism in Nursing, Part I
Issues in Lesbian Health Care, plus a review of the literature
Summer at Seabrook with the Clamshell Alliance
Science Teaching 

March/April 1978 Vol. 10 No 2
Women and Agribusiness
The Myth of Intelligence
Dream Machines/Computer Lib
Zimbabwe Medical Drive
Sociobiology on the Run: AAAS 

January/February 1978 Vol. 10 No. 1
out of print — 

November/December 1977 Vol. 9 No.6
Seveso: Environmental Disaster in Italy
Protecting Women Out of Their Jobs
The Myths of Hunger
Laboratory! (A SftP Play) 

September/October 1977 Vol.9 No.5
Carter’s Energy Plan: Our Cloudy Future
The Great DNA Debate
Controlling Hyperactive Kids 

July/August 1977 Vol. 9 No.4
Are Sex Roles Biologically Determined?
Infant Malnutrition in the Third World
Repression of Scientists in Argentina
Fighting Nukes at Seabrook 

May/June 1977 Vol. 9 No. 3
Brown Lung Blues
Abortion Clinic Strike
Sack Saccharin
Recombinant DNA: Does the Fault Lie Within Our Genes?
Sociobiology: A Sexist Synthesis
Nukes in New York City 

March/April1977 Vol. 9 No.2
Power, Pollution, Politics: The Harvard Energy Plant
A Declaration of Nuclear Resistance
Human Experimentation: Who Are the Guinea Pigs?
The Chemical Industry’s Travelling Circus
Birth Control and the Eugenists 

January/February 1977 Vol. 9 No. 1
out of print — 

November/December 1976 Vol. 8 No.6
Why Do Drug Companies Spend $5,000 a Year per Doctor?
Economics and Population Control
Workers Demand Production for People
Fighting People’s Art in NYC 

September/October 1976 Vol. 8 No. 5
Alternative Technology: Toys for the Few or Tools for the Many?
Women and Health
Sexism at Cancer Lab
Nuclear Power Hazards
Jungle Law: Stealing the Double Helix 

July/August 1976 Vol. 8 No.4
Epidemic! Cancer-Producing Society
Racism at Harvard
Jobs and the Environment
Male Contraception
Nonverbal Communication and Women 

May/June 1976 Vol. 8 No.3
Nuclear Power: Who Needs It?
MassCOSH: Organizing for Occupational Health
AAAS Reports
Scientific Conceptualization 

March/April1976 Vol. 8 No.2
Sociobiology: Tool for Social Oppression
Hazards of Genetic Engineering
US as Nutritional Wasteland
Feeding Profit Rather than People
Structure of American Health Care
Biomedical Research Policy
Women in Science
Science and Technology in the Third World
Research and Revolution in China
Social Science Research in Counterinsurgency 

January/February 1976 Vol. 8 No. 1
Scholars for Dollars: The Business-Government University Consulting Networks
Technical Workers Organize in Silicon Valley
Ann Arbor Conference on Biological Determinism
Critique of Hardin’s Lifeboat Ethics
Discontent Stalks the National Labs 

November/December 1975 Vol. 7 No. 6
The New Robots: Displacing the Worker
Milking Profit Out of Cows
Moscow Conference of Scientific Workers
Science for Vietnam: What We Can Do
People’s Test for Carcinogenic Agents 

September/October 1975 Vol. 7 No.5
— out of print — 

July/August 1975 Vol. 7 No.4
Imperialism: The Common Enemy
Population Control Ethics
Small is Beautiful
Women’s Work in Vietnam
Stopping XYY Research
Nutrition and Brain Development 

May/June 1975 Vol. 7 No.3
Nurses Strike in S.F.
Limits to Capitalist Growth
Science and Technology in Brazil
Behind the Energy Crisis
Corporate Connections of Notable Scientists 

March/April 1975 Vol. 7 No.2
Special Issue on Food, Nutrition and Agribusiness
Concentration of Power in the Food Business 
Economics of Hunger in the Third World
Weather Modification Weaponry 
America’s Nutritional Decline

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