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Imperialism: The Common Enemy

With recent victories in Indochina and struggles for liberation around the world gaining strength and momentum, one can't help but look for a common element to link these struggles together. Imperialism is often recognized as an exploitative force in the Third World, but little is understood about the effects of...

Under the Green Thumb: Imperialist Uses of Ecology

A number of influential commentators in the United States have recently begun to argue that economic development in the Third World would be incompatible with natural resource conservation and pollution control on a global scale.

Science, Scientists, and the Third World

Three years ago a few members of the American Physical Society startled their colleagues by wearing a lapel button which read "Science for the People". The reaction of some older established members was: "What do you mean- the people? Am I not the people too?" The question that I want to examine is how science relates...