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Concerning the Infanticide, Marie Farrar

Marie Farrar, born in April, No marks, a minor, rachitic, both parents dead, Allegedly, up to now without police record, Committed infanticide, it is said, As follows: in her second month, she says, With the aid of a barmaid she did her best To get rid of her child with two douches, Allegedly painful but without...

Winning Hearts and Minds: War Poems by Vietnam Veterans

Winning Hearts and Minds is a collection of poetry about the war and Vietnam, written and edited by Vietnam veterans, compiled and published by Vietnam Veterans Against the War. The book is one of the most powerful and emotionally compelling statements against the war that I have read.

Two Chiles

But we have to see behind all these, there is something
behind the traitors and the gnawing rats,
an empire which sets the table,
and serves up the nourishment and the bullets.
They want to repeat their great success in Greece.