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What Constitutes “Adequate” Defense?

The new Administration's budget, formerly submitted to Congress on March 10th, is the most flagrant, systematic assault by government on the economic well-being of America's middle class, working poor and unemployed in this century.

Resurgent Militarism in Academia

Thus wrote Galileo Galilei on the opening page of his work which marks the beginning of modern science, the Two New Sciences (1638). It is not surprising that Galileo's new science was motivated by military interest, for western science and military interests have always been entwined; what changes is the degree of...

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Outraged by the U.S. war in Vietnam, in a period of heightened political and social awareness, progressive scientists and technologists joined together 13 years ago to establish the organization and the magazine, Science for the People. Thus was launched an organized radical critique of science and technology under U...