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A Marxist View of Medical Care

This article surveys the Marxist literature in medical care. The Marxist viewpoint questions whether major improvements in the health system can occur without fundamental changes in the broad social order. One thrust of the field—an assumption also accepted by many non-Marxists—is that the problems of the health...

Organizing for Community Health in Chicago

The following is an abridged and revised transcript of a recent seminar on community health and development given by John L. McKnight. It is reprinted from Development Dialogue, a journal of international development published by the Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, Ovre Slottsgatan 2, 752 20 Uppsala, Sweden (1978:1).

Medical Care and Socialism: Problems and Prospects in Tanzania

Tanzania is an East African country of approximately 16 million people known to many Americans only as the site of Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti game park, and the movie "African Queen." The country was a German colony until World War I and subsequently became a British protectorate called Tanganyika until independence...

The Worcester Ward: Violence Against Women

I originally entered a mental institution voluntarily, believing I could get help there. At that time I was very unhappy; clinically it's called depressed. In retrospect I would prefer to call it a terrible unhappiness with the state of my life. I was so unhappy that I was unable to get out bed for days and weeks at a...

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Health care is an important problem worldwide. The articles in this issue on health care range from concrete struggles in the U.S. to alternatives in other countries to theoretical analyses of the problem.